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Titolo Le Camere

Pozzallo in the summer became an outdoor stage:it is host of events of all kinds: making the city a place of meeting and fun.

EASTER.: All the community of Pozzallo takes part at the solemn Easter. On Fridays of Lent, called “I Venerdì ra Maronna” , many believers take part at the Eucharistic Liturgies in the church of Santa Maria di Portosalvo.

There are 4 main moments of the Easter:

-la via crucis vivente: it is organized by young of Pastoral , but also adults and children that they improvise actors; they live to believers the street of cross.

The via crucis is loosen between the main streets of the city; it finish to the castle Di Martino, located on a small hill overlooking the sea, you can assist at the suggestive natural scenery where are represented scenes more salient than the sacred representation: crucifixion, death and resurrection.

-domenica delle Palme(Palm Sunday): in all parishes there is the blessing of the olive branch and Palm ranch followed by the Holy Mass. In the church of Santa Maria di Portosalvo there the admission of new fellow-members that they take part at the group “Maria SS. Addolorata” and followed by the unnail of “Cristo Crocifisso” it is put on the “Santa Cascia” that is a wood urn.

-Good Friday(Venerdì Santo): in the church of Santa Maria Portosalvo many believers assist at the “a scinnuta ra Maronna” that is the removal of “Simulacro” of Vergine Addolorata from the high altar, that at the eyes of the believers fill the church with applauses , waving white handkerchiefs and shouting “Evvai Maria” to receive the Madonna with emotion and happiness.

The removal of Maria Addolorata is followed by an impressive and emotional moment: the children are raised and with their hands dry tears and the dolour of the face ofMaria .

There are many torchlight in the streets of the city for the Simulacro of Cristo Morto followed by Madonna Addolorata, with a crowd of believers , to live again the painful path of the Virgin.

Before returning in the church of the 2 Simulacri , late, the believers pray for their familiar, so they are entrusted to the protection of the Madonna.

-Easter Sunday: the Eucharistic is celebrated in all churches of the city . About a few minutes before mid-day , the procession that follows the Simulacro of Christ risen, part from the church of San Giovanni Battista, at the same time there is the procession with the Madonna in mourning. At mid-day , in the main square, Piazza delle Rimembranze, start, running, the first meeting between risen Christ and the Mother that loses the black veil for recognizing the Son; it is an emotional scene with joyful music, performed by the band of the city, fireworks and a crowd of moved believers.

Simulacri and believers continue until the square of town-hall and arrive in the mother-church, where there is the last meeting ending with the Easter blessing.



SAGRADEL PESCE: it is the highlight event of the summer festival of Pozzallo and the most important festival ofSicily, one of the most waited event for the summer of Pozzallo.

This event born from an ancient link between sea and sailors: Pozzallo’s economy is always based on the sea. Every day seafarers studied the wind direction and the moon to understand the quality and the quantity of fish they could find.

The first edition was published in 1967 and takes place every second Sunday of August.

The square is transformed into a outdoor restaurant: over 5 t of fish is cooked in a large pan with a diameter of 4 m, placed on a raised floor that allows to the public to admire a spectacle more than original.

Fish is the star of the evening : professional chefs serve spectacular , traditional Sicilian dishes: different type of risotto, swordfish, seafood, codfish, cuttlefish, prawns, squid , polipi , come to the arms of thousand of visitors.


FESTA DI SAN GIOVANNI BATTISTA: it is the protector of sailors and emigrants, it is on the 24 of june, (date of the birth of the saint) and involve a crowd of believers and tourists.

It is a religious festival composed by two procession: the first is the procession on the sea where a lot of boat with the believers on board follow the statue of San Giovanni Battista that blessed from the sea the city ofPozzallo, at returnis throw into the sea a crown of flowers to remember the dead victims of the sea with anthem of San Giovanni played by the band of the country , the second procession is through the streets of the city.

The evening concludes with musical spectacle, fireworks involving a large crowd.


FIERA MARE: it is edited by the local tourist board ofPozzallo(Pro-loco) , takes place on July ; it is an appointment do not missed that offers to visitors animations and many stand present their typical products.

It is the unique moment expositive of the year for many operators that welcome many tourists and curios with their commercial news.


SAGRA DEL CANNOLO E SAGRA DEL GELATO: Pozzallo spoil their tourists , guests and citizens also with events characterized by typical products. More crowding is the sagra del cannolo, it is organizedin the center and at the same time of the sagra del pesce it present on a long balcony different tastes of cannoli: from the classic cannolo with ricotta, to cannoli with nut, cream, mandarin, pistachio, chocolate, nutella and ricotta involving greedy to admire and taste this Sicilian specialities.

The sagra del gelato is another event that Sicilian people and tourists await: there are many bar that take part presenting different tastes of ice cream , it is a product that can’t miss in the summer!

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